Promoting Anti-Corruption Collective Action through Global Compact Local Networks


The 10th Principle against Corruption commits UN Global Compact participants not only to avoid bribery, extortion and other forms of corruption, but also to develop policies and concrete programmes to address corruption. Companies are challenged to join peers, Governments, UN agencies and civil society to realize a more transparent global economy.

Through Collective Action – a process of cooperation between various stakeholders with the aim of jointly countering corruption – companies can together take concrete steps to scale-up efforts and strengthen good business practices. In December 2010, the Global Compact launched its Collective Action Project in partnership with five Global Compact Local Networks in Brazil, Egypt, India, Nigeria and South Africa. This four-year Project seeks to:

  • Facilitate ongoing dialogue between the private and public sectors;
  • Offer an opportunity for a range of stakeholders to explore how Collective Action efforts can create incentives for ethical business performance;
  • Scale up existing anti-corruption efforts in the five target countries; and
  • Provide business participants and other stakeholders with knowledge, skills, strategies and resources to promote ethical business practices and transparency in business operations within each of the five countries.

Important progress has been achieved through each of the five country-level Collective Action Projects, particularly in engaging key stakeholders and strengthening their collaborations to pave the way for greater Collective Action against corruption. The projects have also contributed to raise awareness of the value of ongoing dialogue and joint efforts in the fight against corruption, as well as on the benefits of responsible, ethical business practices.

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