The Guide for Responsible Corporate Engagement in Climate Policy



This report outlines the practical actions a company can take, across multiple geog-raphies, to become a responsible voice in climate policy debates. Presently, there are political obstacles in many countries that stand in the way of climate policy action. But as the need for action on climate change be-comes ever more urgent, there is an increas-ing need for business and government to work together on ambitious policy solutions.Businesses, as influential political stakeholders, are often important voices. Proactive, constructive input and support from business—along with other stakehold-ers—can help governments create effective policies. Likewise, negative and resistant business interests can obstruct policy action.Business and government are interdepen-dent. Governments need the insights and support of businesses to advance effective climate policy. Businesses need clarity and certainty from governments to invest and act on risks and opportunities in current and future markets. This report focuses on the need and opportunities for mutual action and collaboration.

Categorías:      Medio Ambiente
Autores:      UN Global Compact , United Nations Environment Programme , World Resources Institute
ISBN-10(13):      N/A
Editorial:      UN Global Compact
Fecha de publicación:      2013
Edición:      1
Número de páginas:      60
Idioma:      Inglés
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