Collective Action In The Fight Against Corruption

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Título:      Collective Action In The Fight Against Corruption
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How can we collectively and effectively fight corruption?

‘Collective Action’ is a process of cooperation between vari-ous stakeholders with the aim to jointly counter corruption. Through such alliance of like-minded organizations the problem can be approached and resolved from multiple angles and the impact of individual action can be increased.

Collective Action means that companies, governments and civil society organizations join forces in order to guaran-tee transparency in business, e.g. in public procurement processes.

The ultimate aim of these joint efforts is to create fair and equal market conditions – a “level playing field” – for all market players and to eliminate the temptations of corrup-tion for all of them.

Collective Action promotes a fair competitive situation in which a transparent process based exclusively on market eco-nomic criteria (such as quality, price, innovation and service) ensures that the contract is awarded to the best bidder. It prevents competition from being distorted and destroyed by corruption, and ensures that companies acting honestly and ethically are not disadvantaged.

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